Sweetie of the Day

Sweetie of the Day - January 31st, 2014

Ooo la la, who is that beautiful woman up there, you ask?

She is none other than plus-size pin-up model, Elly Mayday. She looks ready to handle the toughest, meanest beast you’d care to throw at her, and for good reason: she’s currently fighting valiantly against ovarian cancer and women’s insecurities. 

For the past year, Elly has been working as the star model of a Vancouver lingerie company called Forever Yours. Elly was just about to be signed with modelling agencies in the States when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer mostly seen in post-menopausal women. She has gone through rounds of surgeries and treatments and lost a lot of weight, but she hasn’t let her health issues get in the way of her modelling.

Elly is using her work to showcase all her natural beauty and campaign for both a change in the lingerie industry (where, she says, “it’s all about long hair and big breasts and arched backs”) and in women’s perspectives on their own bodies.

She’s not been shy in displaying the effects of her ordeal with cancer in photoshoots — indeed, she has embraced her bald head and stomach scars and advocates for realistic portrayals of her body. “It’s important to show what real women look like underneath their clothes,” she says. “Most people have some issue they are dealing with.”

For her bravery, body-positivity, and incredible fighting spirit, Elly Maday is our sweetie of the day.

For more information, read the story here, or take a look at some more of Elly’s gorgeous photos at her Facebook page. You can also check out Forever Yours here.

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